Lojistic Data & Security Policy

Last Revised: January 2, 2018

Data Collection

What type of information does Lojistic collect?

We only collect personal information about our users when it is supplied voluntarily, such as your name and email address when creating an account. In these circumstances, industry standard security measures are used to ensure your information is safe. For example, your account password is securely hashed in a one-way, irreversible manner.

We also collect a variety of browsing-related data, such as your browser, operating system, and other related information.

After linking a carrier to a Lojistic user account, the application collects the following information in an automated fashion on a regular basis:

We utilize third party tools to track bugs and error messages as well as monitor traffic and feature usage in an effort to improve the quality and user experience of the application.

How does Lojistic store this data?

Data is stored in a highly secure database and file repository. All sensitive information is stored in an encrypted format. Currently, all ingested carrier data is retained within the Lojistic application indefinitely.

Information is stored and segregated within the database based upon carrier credentials and account numbers. Multiple layers of access management ensure that the carrier data visible within each user account is limited to only the data related to that user’s linked carrier credential(s).

We are committed to maintain a secure environment for your data. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have rigorous electronic, physical and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

Data Usage

Internal use

Your data is used by Lojistic to feed the services, perspectives and reports that the application provides. In addition, your data may be used by Lojistic to identify optimization and saving opportunities, make product recommendations and/or perform other analyses.

Third party use

We will not share your underlying carrier data with any third party unless required by law, in which case we would first advise you of such and give your legal team the opportunity to advise.

Lojistic utilizes certain third party applications to improve service, monitor changes to the application, track feature usage, manage customer relationships, and better improve the customer experience. Limited information about your Lojistic account may be provided to facilitate the function of these third party services. Under no circumstances is your underlying carrier data provided or accessible to these applications.

Information Security Policy

Lojistic takes the security of its systems and your data very seriously. We follow security best practices including server side validation of all inputs, site-wide XSS protection, TLS encryption for all frontend requests, and infrastructure automation to ensure all configuration and security settings are applied uniformly.

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